Registration Weekend Success

Campus was abuzz on Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 7 February, as new students registered to begin their university career at Rhodes University. Saturday saw 1021 first years register, while Sunday was slower with 212 first years registering. Of those who registered this weekend, 997 are in residence and 236 are Oppidan students residing in digs in town. Approximately 200 first years are still to register.

The registration process was a steady flow with a wait time of approximately five to ten minutes during the busiest periods. From beginning to end, no student’s registration took longer than half an hour.

The Vice-Chancellor’s and SRC President’s Opening Address for parents and students followed the Deans of each faculty talks for parents at Settlers Monument.

In the SRC President address, Sisesakhe Ntlabezo inspired students to find their purpose and stick to it. He reassured them that it was okay to get lost on the way because “it is only when we get lost that we can truly find ourselves.” Ntlabezo also thanked parents for their dedication to raising their children thus far, and assured them that they would be well taken care of at Rhodes, highlighting all the support services available to students.

Taking inspiration from JK Rowling, Vice-Chancellor, Dr Mabizela highlighted that students need to be responsible for themselves, “’There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction,’ that moment for you is now,” he shared, to much agreement from the parents in the auditorium.

Dr Mabizela informed parents that their children were guaranteed a quality education at Rhodes, “We have the best undergraduate and graduate pass rates of any other university, and if you hear anything else, you must ask them to check their statistics.”

Rhodes University will enrol 8300 students in 2016 of which 60% are women. “This suggests that women find Rhodes University a supportive and secure environment,” shared Dr Mabizela. Highlighting the diverse and cosmopolitan nature of the Institution, Dr Mabizela shared that twenty percent of the student enrolment are international students and thirty percent are postgraduates.

Dr Mabizela imparted many words of wisdom relating to the university environment including the G7 warning. “Failure happens over a period of weeks and months, and the end of the year is then confirmation of this.”

“We support individuality not individualism, so dare to be different,” he said.

The Hall-based receptions followed allowing new students and parents the opportunity to meet the wardening teams and student leadership within their new family.

It was then time for parents and family members to bid farewell to their loved ones as Orientation Week gets underway.

Caption: The wait time was between 5-10 minutes to register over the weekend.

Source:  Communications and Marketing

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