Residence Accommodation in January/February 2017

The University’s residence system will be available to students returning to campus for examinations in January and February 2017.  The following conditions will apply:


18th January – 10th February


1. Accommodation in the residence system will be available from 18th January to 10th February.

2. Students with deferred examinations or supplementary examinations will be allowed to book into a residence no more than 96 hours before their first examination. 

3. Students must vacate the residence no more than 48 hours after their last examination. 

4. All bookings for residence must be made on ROSS. The booking system will open on 4th January and close on 10th January.  

5. Students who have deferred examinations from November 2016 will not be charged for accommodation.

6. Students who are returning for supplementary examinations will be charged the vacation rate of R159 per day.   Students with accounts in credit will be allowed to charge accommodation against amounts in credit.  Students with no credit will be required to make an upfront payment for accommodation in advance of being allocated a room. 

7. Specially identified residences will be used for the accommodation. This means that students with residence accommodation in 2017 will not be located in the rooms they will occupy once the academic year starts. 

8. Students who, for good reasons, are unable to vacate the residence system within 48 hours of their last examination will be allowed to appeal. This appeal must be made in writing to the DVC, Academic & Student Affairs (

9. Students who have been excluded on academic grounds from Rhodes University will be granted 48 hours to appeal their exclusion.  An Appeals Committee will be in permanent session in January/February 2017 and appeals will be heard as soon as they are received. 

10. All residence rooms used by students for examinations must be vacated by 11h00 on Friday 11th February. Any student who has been granted special permission to remain in the residence system via the appeals process after this date and who has residence accommodation for the 2017 academic year will then have to move to their designated residence room in order for first year students arriving later on 11th February to occupy the rooms allocated to them.


11th February – 18th February


1. Students who have been granted special permission to remain in residence via the appeals process after 11h00 on 11th February and who have residence accommodation for the 2017 academic year will be required to move into their designated halls after this time. 


2. Students with special permission to remain in residence after 11h00 on 11th February will be required to sign a statement of good conduct as they sign into their designated halls. This statement of good conduct will be strictly enforced. 



Dr CM Boughey

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic & Student Affairs

Source:  Communications

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