Isivivane, taking care of our own

Isivivane, taking care of our own
Isivivane, taking care of our own

Throwing a single stone in a pile appears to have little impact at face value; however, a pile is made up of single stones thrown by multiple people. It is this undisputable fact that has seen Rhodes University’s Communication and Advancement division leading from the front in raising funds for the Isivivane Student Financial Aid campaign.

Over 70% of the staffers in the division have pledged varying amounts of monthly contributions for the duration of the 10-year campaign, starting this month.

Isivivane is the Vice-Chancellor’s response to the pressing and urgent student finance challenge Rhodes University faces. Launched in June of 2017, this audacious fund-raising campaign is the largest and most ambitious fundraising campaign in the 113-year history of Rhodes University. R1billion will be raised to assist academically deserving students in financial need.

Luzuko Jacobs, Director for Communication and Advancement division is proud of the team for championing fundraising and putting their money where their mouths are.

“Charity truly does begin at home. My team has been, over the years, contributing to various funds in the institution. Isivivane is an extension of their generosity. Any amount received is valuable and is a step closer to securing a future for our children,” he said.

According to Dr Sizwe Mabizela, “every stone cast, none too small, will accumulatively ensure a momentous cairn of stability for our institution and those we serve. With just R100 or more per month your contribution can make a huge difference to this campaign”.

“I pledged my money because I want to give an opportunity to brilliant students to get an education that they deserve in order for them to realise their full potential,” said Mandilakhe Kila.

“I contribute to various funds within Rhodes because I want to practice what I preach; caring and giving,” said Felicity Featherstone.

For Ellen Du Plessis, this is about taking care of our own. “My contribution to Isivivane is inspired by the students I have worked with on the Give5 student campaign. If students can be so giving without income, why can’t I share towards such a noble cause,” she said.

The Isivivane fund was started with a founding amount of R5million from Absa Bank, which has assisted 150 academically deserving students from the "missing middle". These are students whose family income means that they do not qualify for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), but who can still not afford university.

As a registered South African taxpayer, you will be issued with a Section 18A tax certificate which will entitle you to a tax rebate at the end of the 2017/18 Tax Year (28/02/2018). Please find a pledge form on the link below.

Staff Pledge Form

For more information, please contact Mr Qondakele Sompondo, Manager: Alumni Relations & Fundraising; 046 603 7015.

Source:  Communications

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