Rhodes investigates controversial video

An investigation has been launched into the production and posting online of a controversial video titled “being a fly on the wall @ protests.” The video was brought to our attention this morning.
The University condemns any form of racism and hate speech. The Constitution clearly stipulates that certain forms of expression, including ‘hate speech’ that constitute an incitement to cause harm, are not protected under freedom of expression.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr Sizwe Mabizela, has pointed out on numerous occasions that bigotry and hate speech will not be tolerated at Rhodes University. To quote him, he said:
1.    There is no place for behaviour motivated by xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia and all other forms of intolerance, bigotry and chauvinistic behaviours at Rhodes University.
2.    Every person at Rhodes University deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
3.    Every person at Rhodes University deserves to feel safe and secure.
4.    Threatening another student or staff member with violence of any kind or form has no place at Rhodes University.
5.    Advocating hatred or violence against another student or staff member of Rhodes University will not be tolerated.
6.    Our rights end where and when we start to encroach or infringe on the rights of others. Let us therefore respect and observe the rights of others so they too can respect and observe ours.

All staff and students who witness or experience hate speech are urged to open cases with the University Prosecutors. Staff and students found guilty of these charges will be prosecuted to the full extent of our Staff and Student Disciplinary Codes respectively.

Any complaint against a staff member should be reported to Mr Cecil Peters (c.peters@ru.ac.za) and any complaint against a student should be reported to the Director: Student Affairs, Mr Malinge Gqeba (m.gqeba@ru.ac.za).
Staff and students are once again urged to be sensitive to the context of our environment and to exercise restraint and sensitivity when commenting or posting on social media. We need to respect the dignity of all.

Source:  Communications

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