Rhodes student launches book on walking in someone else’s shoes

Rhodes University student and author Lunga Izata
Rhodes University student and author Lunga Izata

Rhodes University student and author Lunga Izata launches her book, The Story is about me tonight, 3 November 2017. “There is always a reason for everything that happens in our lives. Sometimes we need to experience the life of those who are less privileged to appreciate the life we have,” she says about the book.

Izata, originally from Angola, is doing her Post Graduate Diploma in Media Management under an Osisa scholarship. She has a BA Public Relations from England because she believes that communication and the media is the most influential tool to seek intervention and fight any social injustice.

As a writer, she is interested in society’s psychological issues and finds literature to be therapeutic.

“I have published a fictional book about a character that deals with depression, low self-esteem and racism. I have co-authored with six African authors on a motivational book about destiny. I think there is beauty in resilience and motivating people,” she writes.

She has been involved in volunteer programmes in her home country Angola and other countries she has lived in. This, she says, was a way to help her understand humanity and the impact of the environment surrounding Africans.

It is interesting to note that Izata’s first language is Portuguese although she writes in English.

The launch will held at the Eastern Star on Anglo-African Street today (3 November 2017) from 17h30. Copies of the book will be on sale at the venue.


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