Responding to misinformation on social media regarding excluded student

Rhodes University
Rhodes University

Rhodes University would like to, once again, address the misinformation regarding Yolanda Dyantyi being excluded from the University due to her involvement in the 2016 protests. Yolanda Dyantyi was not excluded from the University for participating in the protests against gender-based violence. She was permanently excluded from Rhodes University after being found guilty, in an independent disciplinary hearing in 2017, of a range of unlawful acts including the kidnapping of fellow students, insubordination, assault and defamation. Added to that, was the fact that she had two previous records of violent and disorderly disciplinary infractions.

For more details please read here:

You can also read a summary of an SAfm interview, where Rhodes University Communications and Advancement Director. Luzuko Jacobs, directly addressed the misinformation regarding this case here: Official communique sent internally on 17 May 2018 - SAfm interview.

The University will not be engaging on this matter until the judgement is finalised.