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The Rhodes University Law Clinic is one of the foremost clinics in the country. While its primary aim is to provide free legal services to indigent people, it also plays a vital role in providing students with hands-on practical experience and education. Every Rhodes law student must spend at least one semester in the Clinic and it is this experience that contributes to our students' marketability when they search for employment. 

The Clinic operates as a fully-fledged attorney's office, from two branch offices (Grahamstown and Queenstown). It is staffed by 13 professional staff, 8 administrative staff and approximately 80 part-time senior law students.

Apart from free legal services to indigent people, the Clinic also conducts an extensive community outreach programme via its Advice Office Program, which provides training and back-up legal services to approximately 45 para-legal advice offices throughout the Eastern Cape Province.

The Legal Practice course is closely linked to students' work at the Clinic, and focuses on skills such as consultation and communication, file and case management, drafting of letters, pleadings and other court notices, and trial advocacy.

A letter confirming attendance is given to all students who work at the Clinic. Certificates of attendance are given to all students who volunteer to work at the Clinic for more than the requisite one semester. There is also a financial award which is presented to the most dedicated student at the Law Clinic.

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