Professor Graham Glover

BA, LLB, PhD (Rhodes)

Associate Professor

Graham Glover teaches courses in Contract, Sale, Insurance, Unjustified Enrichment, and also teaches part of Legal Skills. He received his PhD degree in 2004 for a thesis entitled The Doctrine of Duress in the Law of Contract and Unjustified Enrichment in South Africa. Prof Glover’s research interests are mainly in the field of contract law: he has published several journal articles in this area of law, and he has been invited to become co-author of the next editions of Professor Kerr’s The Principles of the Law of Contract and The Law of Sale and Lease. In 2006 he compiled and edited the book, Essays in Honour of AJ Kerr, a festschrift honouring Professor Kerr’s outstanding contribution to legal academia in South Africa. He also contributes the chapter on Divorce to the Family Law Service. In 2010 he became the Managing Editor of the South African Law Journal.



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Osode P and Glover GB (eds) Law and Transformative Justice in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Spekboom Publishers, 2010)

Chapters in books

Glover GB "Divorce" in Butterworths Family Law Service Issue 58 (2012)

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Kerr AJ and Glover GB "Lease" in Joubert WA and Faris JA (eds) The Law of South Africa Volume 14(1) (2007)

Glover GB "Contract, good faith, the Constitution and duress: Contextualising the doctrine" in Glover GB (ed) Essays in Honour of AJ Kerr (2006) 101-128


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