Professor Laurence Juma


Professor Juma teaches in the areas of property law, customary law and public international law.  But his research interests include: human rights law, international humanitarian law and peace and conflict studies. He has presented papers at local and international conferences and published widely in these fields. Currently, he serves in the Editorial Board of African Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law and is also a member of the Network of University Teachers of International  Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Region.

Prof Juma received his bachelor of law (LLB) degree from the University of Nairobi, masters of law (LLM) from the University of Pennsylvania (USA), masters of arts (MA) in peace studies from the University of Notre Dame (USA) and doctor of laws (LLD) from the University of Fort Hare (RSA). 

Prof L Juma

Recent Publications:

“Going against the tide: Seeking regulations for private military/security companies in a globalised world” (2011) 32 (1) Obiter 63-82

“The Laws of Lerotholi: Role and Status of Codified rules of custom in the Kingdom of Lesotho” in (2011) 23 (1) Pace International Law Review 92-145

“Privatisation, Human Rights and Security: Reflections on the Draft International Convention on Regulation, Oversight and Monitoring of Private Military and Security Companies” in (2011) 15 of Law Democracy & Development (Online Journal, available at

“Putting old wine in new wineskins: The customary Code of Lerotholi and justice administration in Lesotho” in J. Fenrich, P. Galizzi & T. Higgins eds., The Future of African Customary Law (Cambridge University Press, 2011) 129-152


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