Dr Gustav Muller

Dr Gustav Muller LLB, LLD (Stellenbosch)

Advocate of the High Court of South Africa


Dr Muller joined the Faculty in January 2012 from Stellenbosch University where he was employed as Project Manager of the Faculty of Law’s Overarching Strategic and Outreach Project on Combating Poverty, Homelessness and Socio-Economic Vulnerability under the Constitution.

He lectures Property Law A and part of Commercial Law 101 (the law of contract) during the first semester. He lectures Property Law B and the Constitutional Litigation elective during the second semester.

Stellenbosch University conferred the degree Doctor of Laws on him during December 2011 for his dissertation on “The impact of section 26 of the Constitution on the eviction of squatters in South African law” that he completed under the supervision of Prof Sandra Liebenberg and Prof André van der Walt. His research interests lie with constitutional law (especially socio-economic rights), administrative law, the use of international law as an interpretive tool, legal theory and inter-disciplinary study of law.

Dr Muller conducted background research with Prof Sandra Liebenberg (HF Oppenheimer Chair in Human Rights Law at Stellenbosch University) for the amicus curiae in Occupiers of 51 Olivia Road Berea, Township and 197 Main Street v City of Johannesburg and Others 2008 (3) SA 208 (CC) andResidents of Joe Slovo Community, Western Cape v Thubelisha Homes and Others 2010 (3) SA 454 (CC).


  • Muller G "Proposing a way to develop the substantive content of the right of access to adequate housing: An alternative to the reasonableness review model" (2015) SAPL (forthcoming)
  • Muller G "Evicting unlawful occupiers for health and safety reasons in post-apartheid South Africa" (2015) 132 SALJ 616-638
  • Muller G "On considering alternative accommodation and the rights and needs of vulnerable people" (2014) 30 SAJHR 41-62
  • Muller G "The legal-historical context of urban forced evictions in South Africa" (2013) 19 Fundamina 367-396
  • Muller G and Liebenberg S "Developing the law of joinder in the context of evictions of people from their homes" (2013) 29 SAJHR 554-570
  • Muller G “Conceptualising ‘meaningful engagement’ as a deliberative democratic partnership” (2011) 22 Stell LR 742-758


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