Mrs Helen Kruuse

BA, LLB, LLM, PGDHE (Rhodes)

Attorney of the High Court of South Africa


Helen Kruuse lectures Legal Theory I, Civil Procedure and Legal Ethics as an elective and as part of the Legal Skills course. Helen’s research interests lie in family law, children’s rights and legal ethics. Her experiences include articles in East London at the firm Bate, Chubb and Dickson; two years in legal services at the London Borough of Brent; and teaching in the Department of Private Law, University of Cape Town as well as the Department of Public Law and Jurisprudence, University of the Western Cape. Recent journal publications include teaching in legal ethics, post-mortem gamete retrieval and housing policy. She is also an editor of the South African Law Journal.



Keep H "Life in the suburbs after 'Grootboom': The role of local government in realising housing rights in the the Eastern Cape", unpublished LLM thesis, Rhodes University, 2008. Click here to download the document.

Chapter(s) in books

Kruuse H"You reap what you sow: Regulating marriages and intimate partnerships in a diverse post-apartheid society" in Atkin B (ed) International Annual Survey of Family Law (Jordan Publishing, 2013)

Kruuse H "A South African response to ethics in legal education" in Corbin (ed) The Ethics Project in Legal Education (Routledge-Cavendish, 2011)


Mwambene L and Kruuse H "Form over function? The practical application of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 1998 in South Africa" (2013) Acta Juridica (forthcoming)

Sloth-Nielsen J and Kruuse H "A maturing manifesto: The constitutionalisation of children's rights in South African jurisprudence 2007-2012" (2013) International Journal of Children's Rights (forthcoming)

Kruuse H "From the grave to the cradle: The possibility of postmortem gamete retrieval and reproduction in South Africa?" (2012) 28 SAJHR 532

Kruuse H "Substantive second-level reasoning and experiential learning in legal ethics" (2012) 23 Stell LR 280

Kruuse H "'The art of the possible’ in realising socio-economic rights: City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality v Blue Moonlight 2011 (4) SA 337 (SCA)" (2011) 128 SALJ 620


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