Sasha-Lee Schafli

PhD student

MA (Rhodes)


Email:                                                                                                        Sasha Schafli


Research interests:

  • DMDA (Digital Multimodal Discourse Analysis) incorporating SFL
  • Semiotics and media
  • Foreign language learning
  • Mother tongue literacy and education
  • Marketing and advertising
  • African linguistics and psycholinguistics
  • Research in education technology and practices


PhD thesis title: The Use of Video as a Resource for the development of L1
Foundation Phase Literacy in isiXhosa: a Digital Multimodal Discourse Approach.

Supervisor: Dr Ian Siebörger

While previous research has engaged with video as a digital resource, specifically subtitled videos, at the level of tertiary education, this thesis examines this resource at the level of Foundation Phase education and L1 isiXhosa readers. This study utilises a mixed-method approach, examining the video design for learning potential with a qualitative, annotated and systematic analysis (DMDA or Digital Multimodal Discourse Analysis). This is triangulated with the research context and an experimental case study at rural school that were exposed to the videos in a three month intervention. Thus, the main aim of this research is to test, describe and analyse the efficacy of five isiXhosa story YouTube videos for the development of isiXhosa literacy rates in Grade 2 and 3.


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