Stefan Savic

Stefan Savic‌PhD student

BA (Belgrade), MA (Freiburg)

Email address:

Supervisors: Ron Simango and Mark de Vos

Research interests:

  • Tense
  • Aspect
  • Information structure
  • Pragmatics
  • IsiXhosa
  • Bantu languages
  • Germanic languages
  • Slavic languages

Thesis title: Tense and Aspect of isiXhosa

I am investigating the verbal system of isiXhosa by focusing on the meaning of its tense and aspect markers. The goal of my study is to fill a gap in our knowledge of the tense and aspect systems in the languages around the world, and to resolve the existing discrepancies in the literature regarding the verbal systems of Nguni languages. Since I argue that aspect plays a central role in structuring information, in my study I pay special attention to how aspect interacts with pragmatics, i.e. how an aspectual marker changes its meaning depending on the other verb forms it is surrounded by. The data I use in my research include both corpora of articles and novels in isiXhosa, and video-based language production experiments.

Rabus, A., Savic, S., Waldenfels, R. 2012. Towards an electronic corpus of the Velikie Minei ?et'i. In Rediscovery: Bulgarian Codex Suprasliensis of the 10th century. Sofia: Iztok Zapad.


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