Idowu Adetomokun


Email:                                                                                                          Idowu Adetomokun

Research interests:

  • Application of semiotic remediation to media, music, and political discourse
  • Analysis of African proverbs, communal discourse, and formal communication texts from a systemic functional linguistics perspective
  • Analysis of the multi-semiotic nature of representation in texts and social discourse. 

Modules taught:

  • Linguistics 1 Discourse Analysis
  • Linguistics 2 Discourse Analysis
  • Linguistics 3 Discourse Analysis
  • Professional Communication
  • Professional Communication for Accountants
  • Postgraduate Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Postgraduate Multimodality


Banda, F. and Adetomokun, I. (2015). African renaissance and negotiation of Yoruba identity in the diaspora: A case study of Nigerian students in Cape Town. International Journal of African Renaissance Studies-Multi-, Inter-and Transdisciplinarity10(1), 83–101.





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