Bea Hubbard

MA student Bea Hubbard
BA (Hons) (Rhodes), PGCE (Pretoria)


Supervisors: Sally Hunt and Ralph Adendorff

Research interests:

  • Corpus linguistics
  • Stylistics
  • (Critical) discourse analysis
  • Identities and language

Thesis title: A Critical Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Physical Identities in Two South African School Setworks

My thesis aims to address the issue of identity construction in fiction with special attention to how race and gender overlap to create complex identities. More specifically, I investigate to what extent frequently used body parts show both gendered and racialised patterns that reveal more complex relations within identity construction. My methodology involves a combination of corpus linguistics and critical stylistics, the inclusion of the former being essential for uncovering hidden ideologies in texts. The texts to be analysed are the two prescribed novels for Grade 10 English Home Language learners in South African public schools. As both novels have women of colour protagonists who have to negotiate racist societies, it is possible that they could have a bearing on nation-building. Furthermore, since these novels are prescribed, I seek to discover to what extent they promote the Department of Basic Education’s principles of inclusivity, transformation and diversity. 



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