Lindsay Schmauss

MA student‌ 

BA (Hons) (Rhodes University)Lindsay Schmauss

Research Interests: 

  • Corpus Linguistics
  • SFL 
  • Gender differences in language


MA thesis title: Gender-based difference in crafting and curating Leadership Profile on Social Media (LinkedIn)

Supervisor: Kelly Kilian and Idowu Adetomokun

This corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis leverages the toolboxes of Corpus Linguistics and Systemic Functional Linguistics to analyse, compare and contrast meaning-making in user-generated content (public newsfeed) created by women (she/her) and men (he/him) on LinkedIn, a web-based professional networking platform, with a view to generate insight into the ways women may be using this platform differently to men, and hypothesise about the possible implications.  

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