Ralph Adendorff

Professor EmeritusRalph Adendorff

BA (Hons) HDE (Rhodes), MA (Indiana), PhD (Natal)

Email address: r.adendorff@ru.ac.za

Research interests:

  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Systemic-functional approaches to linguistic analysis
  • Ethnography



PhD thesis  

  • 1999: A Critical Microethnographic Investigation of the Role of News-Time in the Acquisition of Literacy in Pre-Democratic South Africa. Submitted to the University of Natal, Durban.

Chapters in books

  • 1990: Adendorff, R. "Interpretive tasks in the ESL classroom". In Chick, K. (ed.) Searching For Relevance: Contextual Issues in Applied Linguistics in Southern Africa, Durban: South African Applied Linguistics Association, 238-272.
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  • 2004: Adendorff, R. “The Principal’s Book: Discursively reconstructing a culture of teaching and learning in an Umlazi high school”. In Young, L. and Harrison, C. (eds.) Systemic Functional Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis. London & New York: Continuum, 202-216.

  • 2015: Siebörger, I. and Adendorff, R.D. Black-boxing and the politics of parliamentary oversight in South Africa. In Dedaic, M. (ed.), Singing, Speaking and Writing Politics: South African Political Discourses. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.  43-66.

Publications in International Journals

  • 1993: Adendorff, R. "Ethnographic evidence of the social meaning of Fanakalo in South Africa." Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages Vol. 8/1, 1-27.
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  • 2005: Parkinson, J. & Adendorff, R. “Science books for children as a preparation for textbook literacy.” Discourse Studies. Vol. 7/2:213-236.

Publications in refereed South African Journals

  • 1985: Adendorff, R., Chick, J.K. & Seneque, M. "Negotiating meaning in an English cultural environment: A course for Afrikaans bankers." Journal for Language Teaching Vol. 19/2, 45-76.
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Other Publications

  • 1987: Adendorff, R., Chick, J.K., Claude, M. & Dace, R.W. "Grammar and writing". ELTIC Reporter Vol. 12/2, 4-18.
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