Thank you for your interest shown to read for a Master’s with the Department of Management.  However, while we appreciate your enthusiasm to undertake your studies in the Dept of Management, there is usually first some consideration of the ability of the Department to supervise the research. This relates to two aspects: the capacity of the department staff to take on extra supervision, and the topic of research.  To make this judgement, we usually ask a candidate to submit a short description of what he/she intends to research.  If we have suitable staff to supervise the candidate’s topic, then the candidate is asked to apply formally to the University. Should you still be interested in pursuing the possibility of reading for a Masters Degree at our university, please provide the information as requested below.

Could you please send a description of what research you have in mind? Please address the following: (1) the research aim; (2) the likely research methods and techniques you would use; (3) your familiarity with these techniques; (4) the field of the research and the theoretical concepts you would most likely be making use of; (5) the research context (i.e. where the field work would be done); (6) your relationship with this context and the likelihood of you being able to access the required data.

Regarding more practical matters, please also comment on (7) your proximity to Grahamstown over the period of registration, and the likelihood of you being able to travel here for supervision meetings; (8) the number of years within which you intend to complete; (9) whether you intend to study full time or part time, and how you intend to fund your studies; (10) a copy of your curriculum vitae.

Once the Department have received your response, we will be in a better position to facilitate the process further.

Further information around studying/applying at Rhodes University can be found by following this link

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