NITheP 24th Chris Engelbrecht Summer School 2013

Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Rhodes University

15 to 24 January 2013

Funded by NITheP (NITheP Conference page)

In January of 2013, the Maths department at Rhodes hosted the CE Summer School on Gravitational Wave Astronomy. A variety of topics were covered over the two week school, from astrophysical sources of gravitational waves to numerical modelling of binary black holes. More than 15 students were funded to attend lectures aimed at the senior undergraduate to early graduate level, introducing the field of gravitational wave physics to South Africa.



Ajith Parameswaran (ICTP, India)
Introduction to approximation methods in General Relativity

Sascha Husa (UIB, Spain)
Numerical relativity

Yuri Levin (Monash, Australia)
Gravitational wave astrophysics using pulsar timing, from Hulse-Taylor to SKA

Ilya Mandel (Birmingham, UK)
GW Astrophysics of Compact Binaries

Daniel Moeketsi (CHPC, South Africa)
Introduction to the CHPC cluster

Alicia Sintes Olives (UIB, Spain)
Data analysis


Lecture materials


Additional links form Ilya

 1. You can take another look at my website for a GW astro seminar,
It has several suggested references, including links to excellent notes on the astrophysics of GW sources by Cole Miller and an online course by Kip Thorne.  It also has a few problem sets that you could play around with at your convenience.

2. More recommended reading is available on the web page of a summer school that we ran at the University of Birmimgham last summer,
You can also try out the more detailed data analysis project described on that page, ,
which includes a matched filtering search on a more realistic data set with GW templates, and a Markov-chain Monte Carlo parameter-estimation exercise.

3. I've asked Jeandrew to share the following with you via dropbox:
- Notes that Alicia Sintes prepared for the data analysis lectures;
- A famous back-of-the-envelope paper on GW sources and signals by Bernard Schutz;
- An (unfinished) set of notes on Bayesian parameter estimation that Will Farr and I started preparing.

Of course, these links are not unique -- there are many excellent resources available on the web, such as this page that Ajith recently pointed me to:
Have fun exploring!  [And if you find something particularly useful, please let me know. ;) ]

Best wishes for future adventures in GW astrophysics,



Nigel Bishop, Rhodes University, South Africa (Chair).
Jeandrew Brink, National Institute of Theoretical Physics, South Africa.
Denis Pollney, Rhodes University, South Africa.


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