AMESA Congress 2013

One of our most powerful examples of empowerment as a result of MTEP is the teacher participation in the annual national AMESA Congress.  Up until 2012 not a single teacher from our participating schools participated or presented at this Congress.  In 2012 we provided intellectual and financial support for two of our teachers to present, and in 2013 four teachers presented at the AMESA Congress in Cape Town.  The four papers fall under the theme of “How I teach” and showcase some of the MTEP teaching ideas that the teachers have been implementing in their classes.
The teachers found the writing and presenting process “interesting, informative and thought provoking”.   This process not only presented opportunities for the four teachers to learn and apply new and different approaches to teaching of mathematics in their own classrooms (approaches that promote conceptual understanding and deductive reasoning) but also how to share this amongst peers from other parts of South Africa.

The four presentations for AMESA 2013 are:

Mhlolo and Kapa:       How we teach number patterns in a less resourced Grade 10 Class.
Mhlolo and Mani:        How we teach functions in a less resourced Grade 10 Class.
Kangela and Mbelani:  How to design a symbol for a new mathematics Olympics– a mathematics project for Grade 11.
Kangela and Moya:     Using wooden cubes to help learners investigate number patterns and to understand sum of terms of an arithmetic series.


Barbara Kapa, Fikiswa Mani, Xoliswa Mbelani and May Moya.

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