Assegaai Trails Retreat

The rationale for taking our teachers on a mathematics retreat is to role-model the notion that Mathematics can be taught and learnt outside the classroom, and that Mathematics is a way of life that should be practiced in every-day contexts and settings.  The Assegaai Trails ‘lodge’ is a wonderful facility in the heart of our hinterland with beautiful settings and excellent infrastructure for intense learning, building collegiality and enjoyment.  The programme included an open-ended problem solving session which led to a workshop on crafting assessment rubrics for such types of activities.  
We also ran a Maths Quiz/relay in the evening and a hands-on session on astronomy mathematics and stargazing.  We also used the retreat as an ideal opportunity to reflect on our benchmark test results.  This was done in individual school clusters and ended with report-backs on how each school would address weak results in Mathematics.  The retreat ended with a hands-on session on dynamic geometry using GeoGebra.  An indicator of the success of the retreat was the refusal and reluctance of the teachers to board the buses to go home!  They found the retreat very inspiring and rejuvenating.‌

MTEP teachers learning how to reflect an object through a point on GeoGebra led by Prof Reinhard Hölzl and assisted by the staff of the Chair.

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