Enactivism Symposium

Prof Jerôme Proulx  of the University of Quebec a Montreal, Canada and  Prof Elaine Simmt  of the University of Alberta, Canada 

Jerome and Elaine
The theoretical framing of the FRF Mathematics Education Chair is informed by a strong philosophical notion that the body, mind and world are inseparable. Enactivism emphasizes that cognition is a complex co-evolving process of systems within the body, mind and world spaces interacting and affecting each other. In a learning and teaching situation, which is characterized by this complexity of interaction, the co-adaptation and co-evolution of the individual and the environment is foregrounded.  Enactivism emphasizes the embodiment of knowledge and suggests that knowing is doing. The work of Maturana, Varela, Breen, Davis, Proulx, and Simmt inspire this thinking, and we collaborate with Professors Proulx and Simmt from Canada in establishing an international mathematics education research agenda that is underpinned by this theoretical and philosophical orientation.  Some of our PhD students are using enactivism as their theoretical framing and we had both Professor Simmt and Professor Proulx with us for our International Symposium in 2012 to work with our team and students.

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