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Numerous students are involved in various research projects at both masters and doctoral level.  The outcomes of these research projects feed into the greater research and development agenda of the SARChI Mathematics Education Chair.

Doctoral Students

There are currently 8 doctoral students working under the SARChI Mathematics Education Chair:

  • Mr Deepak Mavani
  • Mrs Beena Mavani
  • Ms Beata Dongwi
  • Mr Danie Junius
  • Mr Muhongo Mateya
  • Ms Julia Iyambo
  • Ms Selma Nghifimule
  • Ms Charity Ausiku

Masters Students

There are 9  masters students working onSARChI Mathematics Education Chair projects:

  • Mr Gaus Tshithigona
  • Mr Gottfried Muhembo
  • Mr Simon Chatima
  • Mr Ronald Griqua
  • Ms Aune Katenda
  • Mr Ben Munichinga
  • Ms Dietlinde Namakalu
  • Mr Given Mathengu
  • Ms Linna Shimakeleni

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