Ben Munichinga

Ben Munichinga

Ben is a mathematics teacher in the Zambesi region.  He completed his teacher training at the Windhoek College of Education in 2007 and in 2010 enrolled at UNAM to complete a specialised diploma in mathematics education. He completed a BEd(H) at Rhodes University in 2016 and was accepted to do an MEd in 2017.  He is currently employed at the Nsundano Junior Secondary School in the Zambezi region.  Ben is passionate about education, in particular improving learners’ conceptual understanding of mathematics. His research interest lie at the interface of the van Hiele levels one and two.  Through an intervention programme he wishes to support mathematics teachers to move their learners from level 1 to level 2 at the lower secondary phase.


MEd thesis

A critical analysis of selected teachers’ perceptions and experiences of the role that visualisation processes play in their van Hiele level 1 teaching to migrate their learners to the next van Hiele level.


Abstract of proposed research

Learning is a process that involves building on prior knowledge, enriching and exchanging existing understanding where “one’s knowledge base is scaffolded and that supports the construction of future learning” (Alexanders,1996, p.89). Research on teaching and learning of geometry in mathematics suggests that physical manipulation experiences, especially concerning physical manipulation of shapes, is an important process in learning at all ages. This study thus seeks to analyse how visualisation processes in conjunction with using manipulatives can best be applied at lower secondary schools by teachers to teach geometry. This research is an interpretive case study that focuses specifically on how selected grade eight learners migrate from one van Hiele level to the other through an intervention programme. The methods of data collection will mostly be based on interviews, classroom observations and recorded videos. The underpinning theory of this research project is constructivism.

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