Given Matengu

 Given Matengu


Given Matengu is a high school mathematics teacher who hails from the Zambezi region. He obtained his basic teaching diploma (BETD) in 2005 and in 2012 he graduated with a specialized diploma in mathematics education (MASTEP) from UNAM. He also studied and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management with UNAM in 2012-2013. In 2017 he completed his BEd(H) at Rhodes specialising in mathematics education and educational leadership and management. He is currently teaching grade 8 - 12 mathematics at the Mureti High School in the Opuwo-Kunene region.  His research interest is in the effective use of manipulatives in the mathematics classroom.


MEd thesis

An analysis of how the use of Geoboards as visualisation tools can be utilized in the teaching of quadrilaterals.


Abstract of proposed research

The need to use concrete materials in the teaching and learning of Mathematics has strong support from the literature (Moyer, 2001). This need is also emphasized and stressed in the Namibian curriculum. Namibian mathematics teachers are challenged to use concrete materials such as teaching aids and/or teaching manipulatives in their teaching practice.  One such teaching manipulative that will be analyzed in this study is a ‘geoboard’. Geoboards are physical manipulatives that employ visualisation processes when correctly used to teach basic shapes of mathematics.

This case study aims to analyze the effective use of geoboards as a visualisation tool in the teaching of quadrilaterals as a result of an intervention programme. It is underpinned by a constructivist theory and framed within the concepts of visualization processes. It employs the use of qualitative data collection techniques such as observations and interviews.

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