Aune Katenda

Aune Katenda

Aune received her initial teaching qualification from the Ongwendiva College of Education.  She then did an ACE at the North West University after which she completed her Advanced Diploma in Mathematics at UNAM.  She graduated with a BEd Hons from Rhodes University in 2014.  Aune taught Mathematics at two different schools in the Omusati region in northern Namibia before moving to the Khomas region where she is currently teaching at the Augestineum secondary school. She is passionate about mathematics teaching and her ambition is always to enable Namibian children to understand mathematics.


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MEd thesis

Investigating how the use of visual models can enhance the teaching of common fractions for

conceptual understanding in grade 8 learners.


Abstract of proposed research

This Namibian case study aims to explore the use of visual models used by selected teachers to enhance the conceptual understanding of common fractions. Six participants will take part in an intervention that is looking at how visual models can enhance the conceptual understanding of grade 8 learners working with common fractions. The emphasis will be on how the participants teach using fractional visual models after participating in an intervention programme. The overarching aim of the study is to create an awareness amongst mathematics education researchers and teachers about the role of visualisation processes in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The focus of the intervention in this study is the use of visual models in teaching fractions to represent fractions, equivalence and compare fractions, and perform addition and subtraction of common fractions with grade 8 learners using fractional visual models. The study is framed by a constructivist perspective and is underpinned by an interpretive paradigm.  The study intends to analyse the role of visual models in teaching and how it could possibly enhance conceptual understanding. This mixed method study will employ a survey questionnaire, observation and stimulated recall interviews with 6 selected teachers on how they use  fractional visual models in their day to day teaching of common fractions as a result of an intervention.

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