David Johannes


An evaluation of the impact of the Rhodes University Master of Education in Mathematics Education programme in Namibia from the perspectives of its graduates


This study aims to evaluate the impacts of the Rhodes University Masters in Education (Mathematics Education) (MEdME) programme in Namibia from the graduates’ perspectives.  This study is located in the interpretive paradigm, because I will interpret the graduates’ perspectives through the framework of the Theory-Driven Programme Evaluation (TDPE). Both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected through questionnaires and interviews with the graduates, and interviews with academic staff members involved in the MEdME. A mixed method approach to data collection and analysis will therefore be used. Data analysis will be done primarily to complete the programme theory of the MEdME, which will eventually help me to answer my research questions. I expect graduates to provide data regarding the outcomes of the programme while the academic staff members will provide data about the structure, curriculum and organisation of the programme. Basically I wish to research how the MEdME programme has shaped the graduates critical reflexive practices and how it has impacted on mathematics education transformation in Namibia and the graduates’ career trajectory.

Research questions

How has the RU MEdME programme impacted on its graduates in the context of the mathematics education terrain in Namibia from the graduate’s perspectives?

In order to answer this question, the following sub-questions are posed:

  1. How has the MEdME programme shaped the graduates’ critical reflexive practices in mathematics education in Namibia?
  2. How has the MEdME programme impacted on the graduates’ career trajectory and research capacity?
  3. How do the graduates perceive their individual research projects enabling and informing mathematics education transformation in Namibia?

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