Beena Mavani

Beena Deepak Mavani

PhD thesis

A critical analysis of how the potential of Dynamic Geometry Software as a visualisation tool may enhance the teaching of Mathematics.


Abstract of proposed research

GeoGebra, an open source dynamic geometry software package, is a powerful visualisation tool for the exploration of mathematical concepts, properties and ideas. This research study is conceptualised within the GeoGebra Literacy Initiative Project (GLIP) – an ICT teacher development project in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.  The objectives of GLIP is to develop the appropriate ICT skills to use GeoGebra effectively and strategically as both a teaching and learning tool of mathematics. The focus of this study is on how GeoGebra could be used as a teaching tool in harnessing its powerful visualisation capacity. In the study, selected GLIP teachers collaboratively develop GeoGebra applets, implement them and evaluate them. As visualisation plays a vital role in developing mathematical ideas the focus in the design and implementation of selected applets will be on their visual appeal and capacity to develop and grow teaching proficiency.

The empirical component of this study centres on an intervention programme that capitalises on the community of practice that has developed in the GLIP.  The research methodology takes the form of action research cycles in which the design, implementation and evaluation of successive applets determines the data gathering and analysis process. The underlying theoretical foundation of this study lies in constructivism which aligns well with the conceptual and analytical framework of Kilpatrick’s et al. (2001) teaching proficiency. As the participating teachers implement their applets in a teaching environment, their teaching practice will be analysed in terms of the applets’ visualisation power using aspects of teaching proficiency such as teaching for conceptual understanding and teaching fluency.



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