Mateya Muhongo

Mateya Muhango



An action research study analysing how dynamic geometry software used as a visualisation

tool to enhance proficient teaching can address issues of mathematics teaching anxiety.



Mathematics teaching anxiety (MTA) impedes the successful learning and teaching of mathematics, and remains a hindrance for many teachers and students. MTA has inspired numerous research studies conducted worldwide to determine its root causes and some possible ways on how to overcome it. Unfortunately there is very little to no evidence of similar studies that have been conducted in Namibia. This action research study, therefore aims to interrogate and address MTA by using dynamic geometry software (DGS) as a visualisation tool to enhance proficient, and by implication confident teaching in the Kavango East Region of Namibia. The study proposes to use the GeoGebra Initiative Intervention Programme (GIIP) as its empirical field and hopefully form a community of practice that will collaboratively engage with GeoGebra applets to teach graphs of functions and geometry. The study will employ a mixed-methods approach. A survey questionnaire will initially be administered to all Grades 9 - 10 mathematics teachers in the entire Kavango East Region to determine their levels of MTA. Thereafter ten teachers who showed evidence of MTA from

the Rundu Circuit will be purposefully selected to participate in the GIIP for a period of one year. During the GIIP, applets will be developed by the teacher participants and used in their classrooms in a number of cycles to teach the content meant for the extended Junior Secondary Phase (Grades 9 – 10) mathematics syllabus referred to as Additional Mathematics (AM). The lessons will be observed to determine if the use of technology enhances the participating teachers’ teaching proficiency. Thereafter interviews will be conducted to establish if participating in GIIP and using the GeoGebra technology has eased the participating teachers’ MTA.


Research questions

What is the extent of MTA in all the Grades 9 -10 mathematics teachers in the Kavango

East Region of Namibia?

2. How does the participation of a group of selected Grade 10 teachers from KER in the

GIIP (i.e. the CoP):

(a) enhance conceptual understanding and productive disposition in their teaching

proficiency for the content previously meant for AM, and

(b) ease their MTA?

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