Phalces brevis (female)
Photograph courtesy of P.D. Brock

The Stick Insects (Phasmida) of South Africa

Compiled by Paul D. Brock

"Papillon", 40 Thorndike Road, Slough SL2 1SR, England

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The Families

Phalces brevis mating
Photograph courtesy of Hamish Robertson, South African Museum


The oldest name for this order is "Phasmida", but it is also called Phasmatodea, Phasmatoptera and Cheleutoptera. The stick insects of South Africa are placed in two suborders, each containing one local family.

Some African stick insects with unknown type localities may occur in South Africa, as may species from neighbouring countries, e.g. the Mozambiquan species Clonaria specifica Brunner, 1907 and C. schaumi Karsch, 1898. It should be noted that many species are described from "Cape of Good Hope" (= Promontorium Bonae Spei), and that this was used to refer to anywhere between Cape Town and the Grahamstown area. In addition to the species in the list, two others have been recorded from South Africa in error: Prisopus horstokkii (de Haan, 1842) and Prisomera canna (de Haan, 1842). The former is a South American species from French Guiana and Guyana; the latter is probably South American and definitely not a member of Prisomera, although Brunner (1907) transferred it to that genus.

The following checklist includes some undescribed species, placed only in genera, e.g. Lonchodes sp. was mentioned by Schulthess (1899). A status of "?" denotes a type locality of "South Africa" with no subsequent records; these are just as likely to represent equatorial Africa. Species with green markers are found in South Africa; those with yellow markers are found further north; and those with blue markers are introduced exotics. Synonyms are flagged with red markers.


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Order: Phasmida



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