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Music Theory and Analysis

MTA 101 & 102

Music Theory and Analysis 1 (MTA 1) is a two semester course focusing on the rudiments of music (in the first semester) culminating (in the second semester) with an introduction to four-part harmony. The first semester may be taken as a stand-alone half-credit but it is also a prerequisite for the second semester of MTA 102. The second half of MTA (102) may NOT be taken as a stand-alone half credit.

This course is compulsory for students who need to acquire the necessary theoretical background and skills required for the formal study of music. Entrance to this course follows completion of a test written at the beginning of Orientation Week.

On the recommendation of the Head of Department this course may be taken in conjunction with Instrumental Music Studies 1. The successful completion of MTA 1 opens the opportunity to enroll for MTA 2 (Rhodes Calendar, 2018). 

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