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Prof Jeffrey Brukman

Prof Jeffrey Brukman [BMus, BMus Hons, MMus, DMus (UNISA), UTLM, UPLM, UALM (UNISA), LTCL, ATCL] is an Associate Professor in Music Theory.

Currently in his twelfth year at Rhodes University, Jeffrey is Associate Professor in Music Theory and a former Head: Department of Music and Musicology. Specializing in musicology at the University of South Africa (BMus, HonsBMus, and MMus – all obtained with distinction) he completed his Doctor of Musicology (DMus) thesis in 2006 studying the life and music of little-known South African composer, Cromwell Everson. This “musical biography” has led to numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference presentations. Earlier postgraduate studies into Béla Bartók’s expanded tonal idiom has resulted in peer-reviewed publications in various North American journals.

Currently pursuing research interests in Africanist art music—blending of Western, African and/or jazz domains—Jeffrey has presented papers related to this topic throughout Australasia and guest lectured at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Publications arising from these presentations have appeared in the University of Göttingen’s peer-reviewed journal, world of music (new series) and African Music. In addition, two book chapters are in the pipeline with Prof Nancy November (University of Auckland) and Dr Lindelwa Dalamba (University of the Witwatersrand) serving as guest editors respectively.  Successfully supervising postgraduate composition portfolios and theses situated in Africanist art music, Jeffrey is also co-supervisor of overseas registered PhD students: University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand) and the University of Kassel (Germany).  

A sought-after external examiner Jeffrey has assessed portfolios and theses for seven South African universities, reviewed curricula for South African and Zimbabwean universities, served as specialist advisor (music theory) for the Directorate, Music (UNISA), reviewed articles for local and international journals, and edited two volumes for South African Music Studies (SAMUS); one in consultation with Harvard professor, Ingrid Monson. With an interest in South African jazz, Jeffrey served as Chief Reporting Officer for the Rhodes University/Mellon Foundation Jazz Heritage Project (2011-2013).

An active collaborative pianist Jeffrey serves on the panel of examiners for the UNISA Directorate, Music.

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