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Ethnomusicology 1

Music, culture & history: Ethnomusicology (MCH 1 ET)

Formerly known as Ethnomusicology 101 this half-credit, one semester course introduces students to the field of ethnomusicology as it surveys music cultures of the world.Emphasis is on characteristics and functions of music within each cultural context. MCH 1 ET is taught in the first semester. Lectures take place in the Music Department’s Beethoven Room on Mondays at 8:40Tuesdays at 9:35Wednesdays at 10:30; Thursdays at 11:25 and Fridays at 7:45. Tutorial times will be confirmed at the first lecture.

(From 2018 onwards students who pass MCH 1 ET and wish to deepen their knowledge of ethnomusicology can take Music, culture and history: Southern African Musics as a

first or second-year level half credit one semester course that will survey the indigenous and popular musics of Southern Africa.)

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