Vocal Ensemble

The Rhodes Vocal Ensemble consist of the bulk of the singing students who take Solo singing in the music department. 

The singers mostly have to present ensemble pieces from opera & musical theatre for exams, which would include duets, trios, quartets, quintets etc. and then also choral pieces which would include the whole group. Since 2015 the Vocal ensemble have presented a few successful concerts in the Music Department mid-year or at the end of the year. Concerts include our ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ concert in October 2015, Our ‘Women’s Day’ concert in August 2016 and also the participation of the Vocal ensemble in solo and ensemble pieces at the Gala Concert in September 2016.

The group is led by the Voice teacher, Ms Jo-Nette Le Kay and has been accompanied by pianists like Christo Greyling, Andrew Duncan, JF Viljoen and Tamsyn Hanslo. In 2017 the group will collaborate with Singing students and Lecturers from NMMU to perform excerpts from Opera and Musical theatre.

Concert at the Cathedral accompanied by Arno Jones







Symphony Concert conducted by David Scarr


Duet with Robert Louw and Zintle Manengana accompanied by Andrew Duncan


Duet with Nontsikelelo Bangisi and Olusiwe Zazini with NMU accompanied by JF Viljoen


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