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Dr. Boudina McConnachie



Boudina McConnachie (PhD, MMus, BMus, PGCE, RULS) is an African musical arts (AMA) activist with a particular interest in musical arts pedagogy. She co-ordinates various music education courses through the Rhodes University Education department and is integrally involved in the teaching and learning programme at the International Library of African Music (ILAM). Boudina completed her undergraduate music degree majoring in African music (uhadi and mbira) and classical flute and was a music teacher at a government school in the Eastern Cape for over ten years. She completed her masters specializing in Indigenous Knowledge and copyright and her PhD in African music curriculum development. In 2018 she was named one of ten emerging African scholars to research various aspects of African music in the Mellon supranational grant for the Pan-African Music Initiative run through the University of Cape Town. She is a Mellon Principal Investigator for the “Unsettling Paradigms/Decolonial Turn” project at Rhodes University and serves on the Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa editorial team. 

Boudina has written two books, Listen and Learn, Music Made Easy (2012) and My Music, My Classroom- Umculo Wam, Iklasi Yam (2016) and contributed towards the development of a Marimba Ensemble Teaching and Learning Guide (2016) for the NGO, Access Music Project (AMP). In addition she has reviewed articles for international journals, presented at conferences across the globe and has actively contributed towards the development of the African Musical Arts curricula at several universities in South Africa.

Her students include the world renowned African performers Albert Bisaso Ssempeke from Uganda and Venancio Mbande Jnr from Mozambique who are working towards Masters Degrees in African Musical Arts performance. Boudina is supervising a further eight post-graduate students with topics ranging from education and performance practice to instrument making and revitalization. Her undergraduate courses include World Music, African music performance and Ethnomusicology.

Publication Record

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Bursaries and Awards

Recipient of the Alty Award Rhodes University 2017

Recipient of the NIHSS SAHUDA PhD Scholarship 2015-2016

Recipient of the SARCHiE Post Graduate Part-time Scholarship 2014

Recipient of the NRF Postgraduate SAMAP Bursary 2007/2008

Awarded the NRF Prestigious Scholarship for Masters Studies in 2006/2007

Recipient of the Rhodes Masters Degree Scholarship 2006

Recipient of the ILAM Post Graduate Scholarship 2006/2007

Awarded the Rhodes University Prestigious Award Bursary for 2006/2007

National winner of The Journal of Musical Arts in Africa ethnomusicology writing competition 2005

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