Pearson Young funded students visit University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom

This year several Chemistry post-graduate students were funded by a new donor, “The Pearson Young Memorial Trust”.  The funding is mainly aimed at students wanting to do cancer-related research.

Part of this year’s scholarship agreement was that some of the students visit an institute in the United Kingdom to obtain international exposure to research into cancer.  Second year Masters students under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Tebello Nyokong (Ms Muthumuni Managa and Ms Charmaine Tshangana) were selected to visit the University of East Anglia in Norwich under the supervision of Drs Stephen Ashworth and Andy Cammidge  in the School of Chemistry.  Their one month visit (16 May to 16 June) to the United Kingdom also gave them the opportunity to meet face to face with their funders and their families in London.

 Both students were thrilled at the opportunity and were very grateful for the generous support from both their funders and their host in the United Kingdom.

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