Research Collaborators

International Collaborators:

1. Dr Fethi Bedioui (CNRS, France)    Development of Biosensors.
2. Prof Y. Chen (Fudan University, China)    Cell studies and photophysics in photodynamic therapy
3. Dr Philippe Westbroek    Ghent University, Belgium)
4. Giorgos Priniotakis (Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, TEIPIR, Greece)    Electrochemistry/Electrospinning
5. Prof Nagao Kobayashi (Tohoku University, Japan)    Synthesis and spectroscopy of Phthalocyanines
6. Prof Derck Schlettwein( Justus- Liebig Univ. Giessen, Germany)    Dye sensitized solar cells
7. Prof Norbert Lange (University of Geneva)    Fluorescence imaging.
8. Prof Rodica Ion (National Institute of Research and Development for Chemistry and  Petrochemistry – ICECHIM,Romania)
    Nanoparticle phthalocyanine combination therapy.
9. DST/Mintek Nanotechnology Innovation Centre (Sensors) Sensor Development
10. Prof Martin Stillman (University of Western Ontario) Phthalocyanines in Proteins
11. Dr Saad Makhseed /Mr Ahmed Tuhl Phthalocyanine photophysics
12. Dr Qinggang He  Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
    Berkeley, CA 94720    spectroelectrochemistry
13. Prof Oleg Kaliya (Organic Intermediates and Dyes Institute, Moscow, Russia)    ntroduction of Photodynamic Therapy into South Africa.
Past Collaborations:
1. Dr. Hiromi Uchida (Toyo Ink Manufactures Japan)
   Area of collaboration:    The synthesis of molybdenum phthalocyanine complexes

2. Prof David Phillips (Imperial College, London) – Collaboration Ended in 2003
   Area of collaboration:    Photophysics in Photodynamic Therapy. Two of my students and spent TWO months
   (in 2001) visiting Imperial College in London to learn about Lasers in Photodynamic Therapy.
   Source of funding:     Imperial College
   Amount of funding:     R 100 000

3. Prof Mike Cook (University of East Anglia, UK)
   Area of Collaboration:    Synthesis of phthalocyanines
   Source of funding:    Royal Society/NRF bilateral
   Amount of funding:    R 200 000

Local Collaborators:


1. Prof. H. Ambramse (University of Johannesburg, Biochemistry Dept)

2. Biophotonics Group – CSIR

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