Books/Chapters in Books:

1.    M.J. Stillman and T. Nyokong
A review chapter in the book:  Phthalocyanines - Properties
and Applications.Edited by A.B.P. Lever and C.C. Leznoff, VCH, New York, Vol.1 1989.
Chapt. 3. ISBN: 0-089573-753-1

2.    K. I. Ozoemena and T. Nyokong
Electrochemical Sensors Based on Phthalocyanine and Related Complexes, in Encyclopaedia of Sensors.  Eds: C. A. Grimes, E.C. Dickey and M.V. Pishko, American Scientific Publishers, California (2006), Chapt. E, pp 157-200.

3.    T. Nyokong
A chapter entitled Electrodes Modified with Monomeric M-N4 Catalysts for
the Detection of Environmentally Important Molecules, in the book: N4-Macrocyclic Metal
Complexes: Electrocatalysis, Electrophotochemistry, and Biomimetic Electrocatalysis.
Eds. J.H. Zagal, F. Bedioui, J-P. Dodelet. Springer, 2006, Chpt. 7. ISBN 0-387-28429.

4.    T. Nyokong
Chapter title: Electronic Spectral and Electrochemical Behaviour of Near Infrared Absorbing Metallophthalocyanines Structure and Bonding: Functional Phthalocyanine Molecular Materials. Vol. Ed. J. Jiang. Series Ed. D.M.P. Mingos, Springer, 2010, Vol 135, pp45 -87.

5.    T. Nyokong and E. Antunes
Chapter entitled Photochemical and Photophysical Properties of Metallophthalocyanines, in The Handbook of Porphyrin Science. Eds. K.M. Kadish, K.M. Smith, R. Guilard
Academic Press: New York, Vol. 7, chapt. 34 pp 247-349, World
Scientific, Singapore, 2010.

6.    T. Nyokong and V. Ahsen (editors): Photosensitisers in medicine, environment, and security. Springer, 2012,  ISBN: 978-90-481-3870-8

7.    E. Antunes, C. Litwinski, T. Nyokong in chapter title: Conjugates of nanomaterials with phthalocyanines (Part II. Organic Materials) Book Title: Intelligent Nanomaterials,
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-93879-9 - John Wiley & Sons
Chapt 9, pages 347-324, 2012

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