2013 Publications:

1. N.  Masilela, P.  Kleyi, Z. Tshentu, G. Priniotakis, P. Westbroek  and T.Nyokong
Photodynamic inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus using low symmetrically substituted phthalocyanines supported on a polystyrene polymer fiber
Dyes and Pigments 96 (2013) 500-508

2. Phindile Khoza, Edith Antunes, Ji-Yao Chen, Tebello Nyokong
Synthesis and photophysicochemical studies of a water soluble conjugate between folic acid and zinc tetraaminophthalocyanine
Journal of Luminescence 134 (2013) 784-790

3. Oluwasesan Adegoke, Tebello Nyokong
 Probing the sensitive and selective luminescent detection of peroxynitrite using thiol-capped CdTe and CdTe@ZnS quantum dots
Journal of Luminescence 134 (2013) 448-455

4. R.  Zugle, T. Nyokong
Zinc(II) 2,9,16,23-tetrakis[4-(N-methylpyridyloxy)]-phthalocyanine anchored  on an electrospun polysulfone polymer fiber: Application for photosensitized conversion of methyl orange
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 366 (2013) 247-253

5. J. Britton,  C. Litwinski,  E.  Antunes, M. Durmu?, V. Chauke, T. Nyokong
Optical limiting analysis of phthalocyanines in polymer thin films
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A: Pure and Applied Chemistry 50(1) (2013),  110-120.

6. K.E. Sekhosana,  E. Antunes,  S. Khene, S. D’Souza, T. Nyokong
Fluorescence behavior of glutathione capped CdTe@ZnS quantum dots chemically coordinated to zinc octacarboxy phthalocyanines
Journal of Luminescence, 136 (2013) 255 – 264

7. B. De Schoenmaker L.  Van der Schueren, R. Zugle, A.  Goethals, P. Westbroek, P Kiekens, T. Nyokong Tebello, K. De Clerck
Effect of the relative humidity on the fibre morphology of polyamide 4.6 and polyamide 6.9 nanofibres
Journal of Materials Science  48 (4) (2013) 1746-1754

8. R. S. Walmsley,   P. Hlangothi, C. Litwinski, T Nyokong, N. Torto, Z. R. Tshentu
Catalytic oxidation of thioanisole using oxovanadium(IV)-functionalized electrospun polybenzimidazole nanofibers,
Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 127 (6) (2013) 4719-4725

9. Ruphino Zugle, Tebello Nyokong
Comparative phototransformation of environmental pollutants using metallophthalocyanines supported on electrospun polymer fibers
Journal of Applied Polymer Science  128(2) (2013) 1131-1142

10. Egmont Rohwer, Christoph Richter, Nadine Heming, Kerstin Strauch, Christian Litwinski, Tebello Nyokong, Derck Schlettwein, and Heinrich Schwoerer
Ultrafast Photodynamics of the Indoline Dye D149 Adsorbed to Porous ZnO in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
ChemPhysChem, 14(1) (2013) 132-139

11. E. Rohwer, C. Litwinski, K. Strauch, N. Heming, C. Richter, T. Nyokong, D. Schlettwein, H.  Schwoerer, Photoinduced charge transfer between Indoline D149 and porous ZnO detected in transient absorption
EPJ Web of Conferences 41 (2013), 04011.

12. Nomasonto Rapulenyane, Edith Antunes and Tebello Nyokong
A study of the photophysicochemical and antimicrobial properties of two zinc phthalocyanine - silver nanoparticle conjugates
New Journal of Chemistry 37 (3) (2013) 1216-1223

13. Edith Antunes, Nomasonto Rapulenyane, Mpho Ledwaba, Christian Litwinski, Wadzanai Chidawanyika, Tebello Nyokong.
The synthesis and characterisation of magnetic nanoparticles and their interaction with a zinc phthalocyanine
Inorganic Chemistry Communications  29 (2013) 60-64

14. Megan Coates, Tebello Nyokong
Characterization of carbon electrodes modified with iron phthalocyanine through grafting and click chemistry
Electrochimica Acta 91 (2013) 158-165.

15. S. Tombe, E. Antunes,  T.  Nyokong
The  photophysical and photochemical behaviour of  coumarin-derivatized zinc phthalocyanine when conjugated with  gold nanoparticles and electrospun into polymer fibers
New Journal Chemistry 37(3) (2013) 679-689
16. N.  Masilela and T. Nyokong, The interaction of silver nanoparticles with low symmetry cysteinyl metallophthalocyanines and their antimicrobial effect.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. A: Chemistry 255 (2013) 1-9

17. T. Nyokong, I. Gledhill, 
The use of phthalocyanines in cancer therapy
  AIP Conference Proceedings (2013), 1517(1), 49-52

18. T. P. Mthethwa, S. Tuncel, M. Durmu? and Tebello Nyokong
Photophysical and photochemical properties of a novel thiol terminated low symmetry zinc phthalocyanine complex and its gold nanoparticles conjugate
Dalton Transactions  42 (14) (2013) 4922-4930

19. S. Tombe, E.  Antunes and T. Nyokong
Electrospun fibers functionalized with phthalocyanine-gold nanoparticle conjugates for photocatalytic applications
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 371 (2013) 125-134

20. A.  Fashina, E.  Antunes, T.  Nyokong,
Characterization photophysical behavior of Phthalocyanines when grafted onto Silica Nanoparticles
Polyhedron 53 (2013) 278-285

21. O.  Adegoke, E. Antunes, T. Nyokong
Nanoconjugates of CdTe@ZnS quantum dots with cobalt tetraamino-phthalocyanine: characterization and implications for the fluorescence recognition of superoxide anion
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. A: Chemistry 257 (2013) 11– 19

22. D. quinton, A. Maringa, S. griveau, T. nyokong, F. bedioui
Surface patterning using scanning electrochemical microscopy to locally trigger a “click” chemistry .
Electrochemistry Communications. 31 (2013) 112-115

23. K. E. Sekhosana, E. Antunes, T.Nyokong,
 Glutathione capped CdTe@ZnS quantum dots – zinc tetracarboxy phthalocyanine conjugates: fluorescence behavior studies in comparison with zinc octacarboxy phthalocyanine
Polyhedron, 54 (2013) 294-299

24. N. Malinga, E. Antunes, T. Nyokong
Synthesis and physicochemical behaviour of aluminium bis and tris (diammine platinum) octacarboxyphthalocynine
Polyhedron, 55 (2013) 121-125

25.  M.  Coates, T. Nyokong
 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of the effect of alkyl- and arylthio substituents on manganese phthalocyanines for self-assembled monolayer formation on gold
Electrochemistry Communications 31 (2013) 104-107


2012 Publications:

1. M. Canlica, T. Nyokong
The synthesis and photophysical properties of 4,4’-isopropylidendioxydiphenyl substituted ball-type dinuclear Mg(II) and Zn(II) phthalocyanines
Polyhedron, 31 (1) (2012) 704-709
DOI: 10.1016/j.poly.2011.10.024

2. N.  Sekkat, H.  Van Den Bergh, T. Nyokong,  N. Lange
Like a bolt from the blue: phthalocyanines in biomedical optics
Molecules 17 (2012) 98-144

3. R. Zugle, E. Antunes, S. Khene T. Nyokong
Photooxidation of 4-chlorophenol sensitized by lutetium tetraphenoxy phthalocyanine anchored on electrospun  polystyrene polymer fiber
Polyhedron 33(1) (2012) 74-81

4. N.  Nombona, K.  Maduray, E.  Antunes, A. Karsten, T. Nyokong
Synthesis of phthalocyanine conjugated with gold nanoparticles and liposomes for photodynamic therapy.
J. Photochem. Photobiol. B: Biol. 107 (2012) 35-44

5. N. Nombona, W. Chidawanyika, T.  Nyokong
Spectroscopic and physicochemical behaviour of magnesium phthalocyanine derivatives mono-substituted with a carboxylic acid group
J. Mol. Stru.  1012 (2012) 31-36
Webpage: locate/molstruc

6. S. Forteath, E. Antunes, W Chidawanyika,T. Nyokong
Unquenched fluorescence lifetime for β-phenylthio substituted zinc phthalocyanine upon conjugation to gold nanoparticles
Polyhedron 34(1) (2012) 114-120

7. F. Bedioui, T. Nyokong, J.H. Zagal
Surface electrochemistry: structured electrode, synthesis, and characterization
Inter. J.  Electrochem., Volume 2012, Article ID 405825, 1-2 (2 pages)

8. K. Maduray, B.  Odhav, T. Nyokong,
In vitro photodynamic effect of aluminum tetrasulfophthalocyanines on melanoma skin cancer and healthy normal skin cells.
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 9(1) (2012) 32-39.  

9. R. S. Walmsley,  A. S. Ogunlaja, M. J. Coombes,  W. Chidawanyika, C. Litwinski, N. Torto, T. Nyokong, Z. R. Tshentu
Imidazole-functionalized polymer microspheres and fibers – useful materials for immobilization of oxovanadium(iv) catalysts
J. Mat. Chem.  22(12) (2012), 5792-5800

10. O. Adegoke,   E.  Hosten, C.  McCleland, T. Nyokong
CdTe quantum dots functionalized with 4-amino-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-N-oxide as luminescent nanoprobe for the sensitive recognition of bromide ion
Anal. Chim. Acta, 721 (2012) 154-161

11. N. Nombona, E.  Antunes, W. Chidawanyika, P.  Kleyi, Z.  Tshentu, T.  Nyokong
Synthesis, photophysics and photochemistry of phthalocyanine-?-polylysine conjugates in the presence of metal nanoparticles against Staphylococcus aureus
J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem. 233 (2012) 24-33

12. Z.Iqbal, N. Masilela, T. Nyokong, A. Lyubimtsev, M. Hanack, T. Ziegler
Spectral, photophysical and photochemical properties of tetra- and octaglycosylated zinc phthalocyanines
Photochem. Photobiol. Scie 11 (4) (2012) 679 – 686

13. T.  Mugadza, Y. Arslano?lu and T. Nyokong
Characterization of 2,(3)-tetra-(4-oxo-benzamide) phthalocyaninato cobalt (II) with single walled carbon nanotube conjugate platforms and their use in electrocatalysis of amitrole
Electrochim. Acta  68 (2012) 44– 51

14. R. Zugle and T. Nyokong
Electrospun polyacrylic acid polymer fibers functionalized with metallophthalocyanines for photosensitizing and gas sensing applications
J. Macro. Mol. Scie.  A  49 (4) (2012) 279-287

15. M. Coates, H. Elamari, C. Girard; S. Griveau; T. Nyokong, F. Bedioui
4-Azidoaniline-based electropolymer as a building block for functionalisation of conductive surfaces
J. Electroanal. Chem 670 (2012) 79–84

16. O. Adegoke,  W. Chidawanyika,  T. Nyokong
 Interaction of CdTe quantum dots with 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl free radical: a spectroscopic, fluorimetric and kinetic study.
 J. Fluorescence 22 (2) (2012) 771-778

17. R. Zugle, T. Nyokong
Physico-chemical properties of lutetium phthalocyanine complexes in solution and in solid polystyrene polymer fibers and their application in photoconversion of 4-nitrophenol
J. Mol. Cat. A: Chem. 358 (2012) 49-57
Webpage: locate/molstruc

18. T. P. Mthethwa, Y. Arslano?lu , E. Antunes, T. Nyokong
Photophysical behaviour of cationic 2-(dimethylamino) ethanethio tetrasubtituted phthalocyanine complexes in the presence of gold nanoparticles
Polyhedron, 38(1) (2012) 169-177

19. S. Khene, T. Nyokong
Single walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with nickel phthalocyanines: effects of point of substitution and nature of functionalization on the electro-oxidation of 4-chlorophenol.
J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines 16(1) (2012) 130-139

20. A. Tuhl, W.  Chidawanayika, H. M. Ibrahim, N. Al-Awadi, C. Litwinski, T,  Nyokong, H. Behbehani, H. Manaa and S. Makhseed
Tetra and octa(2,6-di-iso-propylphenoxy)-substituted phthalocyanines: a comparative study among their photophysicochemical properties
J Porphyrins Phthalocyanines 16(1) (2012) 163-174

21. S. Forteath, E. Antunes,  W. Chidawanyika, T. Nyokong
Synthesis and photophysical behavior of a novel zinc phthalocyanine containing a single carboxylic acid and three phenylthio substituents
J. Luminescence 132(9) (2012) 2318-2324

22. S. Khene, T. Nyokong
Characterization of quantum dots, single walled carbon nanotubes and nickel octadecylphthalocyanine conjugates
Int. J. Nanoscience  11(2) (2012) 1250022 (10 pages) 1250022-1 to 1250022-10

23. M. Idowu and T. Nyokong
Photophysical behavior of fluorescent nanocomposites of phthalocyanine linked to quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles
Int. J. Nanoscience  11(2) (2012) 1250018 (9 pages) 1250018-1 to 1250018-9

24. J.F. Zhao, J. Wang, J-Y. Chen, W. Chidawanykia, T. Nyokong, K Ishii, N. Kobayashi
Gallium phthalocyanine photosensitizers: carboxylation enhances the cellular uptake and improves the photodynamic therapy of cancers
Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry 12 (6) (2012) 604-610

25. F. Matemadombo, C. Apetrei, T. Nyokong,  M.L. Rodríguez-Méndez, J. Antonio de Saja
Comparison of carbon screen-printed and disk electrodes in the detection of antioxidants using CoPc derivatives
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 166-167 (2012) 457-466

26. R-M. Ion, T. Nyokong, G. Gyulkhandanyan, D. Wrobel
Photomedicine and photo nanosystems,
International Journal of Photoenergy, vol. 2012, Article ID 127309, 1 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/127309.

27. S. Adewuyi, D. A. Ondigo, R. Zugle, Z. Tshentu, T. Nyokong and N.Torto
A highly selective and sensitive pyridylazo-2-naphthol-poly(acrylic acid)
functionalized electrospun nanofiber fluorescence ‘‘turn-off’’ chemosensory
system for Ni2+
Analytical Methods, 4(6) (2012), 1729 – 1735

28. Z. Iqbal , A. Ogunsipe, T.  Nyokong,  A. Lyubimtsev, M.  Hanack, T. Ziegler
Photophysics and photochemistry of octaglucosylated zinc phthalocyanine derivatives
J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines 16(4) (2012) 413-422

29. S.  Tombe, W. Chidawanyika, E. Antunes, G. Priniotakis, P. Westbroek, T. Nyokong
Physicochemical behavior of zinc tetrakis (benzylmercapto) phthalocyanine when used to functionalize gold nanoparticles and in electronspun fibers
J.  PhotoChem. Photobiol. A: Chem. 240 (2012) 50-58

30. Y. Arslano?lu, M. Idowu, T. Nyokong
Synthesis and photophysical properties of peripherally and non-peripherally mercaptopyridine substituted metal free, Mg(II) and Al(III) phthalocyanines
Spectrochim Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 95 (2012) 407-413

31. N. Malinga, O. Dolotova,  R. Bulgakov,  E. Antunes, T. Nyokong
Synthesis and physicochemical behaviour of aluminium trikis and tetrakis (diaquaplatinum) octacarboxyphthalocynine
Dyes Pigm. 95(3) (2012) 572-579

32. M.  Canl?ca, A. Alt?ndal,  T. Nyokong
The synthesis, photophysical and dielectric properties of ball-type dinuclear zinc phthalocyanine
J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines, 16(7-8) (2012) 826-832

33. J. Mack, K. Lobb, T. Nyokong, Z. Shen and N. Kobayashi
Trends in the optical and redox properties of tetraphenyltetraphenanthroporphyrins
J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines 16(7-8) (2012) 833-844

34. G. Ya?a, A. Erdo?mu?, A.L. U?ur, M.K ?ener, U. Avciata, T. Nyokong
Photophysical and photochemical properties of novel phthalocyanines bearing non-peripherally substituted mercaptoquinoline moiety
J Porphyrins Phthalocyanies, 16(7-8) (2012) 845-854

35. M. Canlica, M. Co?kun, A. Alt?ndal, T. Nyokong
Schottky barrier diode parameters of Ag/MgPc/p-Si structure
J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines, 16(7-8) (2012) 855-860

36. S. Vilakazi, T. Nyokong, T. Fukuda, N. Kobayashi
Electrocatalytic behavior of cobalt phthalocyanine complexes immobilized on glassy carbon electrode towards the reduction of dicrotophos pesticide
J. Porphyrins Phthalocyanines 16(7-8) (2012) 939-945

37. Q. He, T. Mugadza, X. Kang, X. Zhu, S. Chen, J. Kerr and T. Nyokong
Molecular catalysis of oxygen reduction reaction by iron porphyrin catalysts tethered into Nafion layers: an electrochemistry study in solution and a membrane-electrode-assembly study in fuel cells
J. Power Sources 216 (2012) 67-75

38. Q. He, T. Mugadza, G. Hwang, T. Nyokong
Mechanisms of electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction by metal porphyrins in trifluoromethane sulfonic acid solution 
 Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 7(8) (2012) 7045 – 7064

39. N. Nombona, T. Nyokong
Photophysical and photochemical studies of sulphur containing phthalocyanine derivatives in the presence of folic acid
Inorg. Chim Acta, 392 (2012) 380-387

40. A.  Schwarz, J.  Hakuzimana, P. Westbroek, G. De Mey, G. Priniotakis, T. Nyokong and L. Van Langenhove
A study on the morphology of thin copper films on para-aramid yarns and their influence on the yarn’s electro-conductive and mechanical properties
Textile Research Journal, 82 (15) (2012) 1587-1596
41. M. Coates, S. Griveau, F.  Bedioui, T.  Nyokong
Layer by layer electrode surface functionalisation using carbon nanotubes, electrochemical grafting of azide-alkyne functions and click chemistry
Electroanalysis, 24 (9) (2012) 1833-1838

42. N.  Masilela and T.Nyokong
The photophysical and energy transfer behaviour of low symmetry phthalocyanine complexes conjugated to coreshell quantum dots; an energy transfer study
J. Photochem. Photobio. A: Chem. 247 (2012) 82-92

43. N. Sosibo, P. Mdluli, P. Mashazi, R. Tshikhudo, A. Skepu, S. Vilakazi  and T. Nyokong,
Facile deposition of gold nanoparticle thin films on semi-permeable cellulose substrate.
Materials Letters, 88 (2012) 132-135

44. A.S. Ogunlaja, W. Chidawanyika, E Antunes, M.A. Fernandes, T. Nyokong, N. Torto
and Z.R. Tshentu
Oxovanadium(IV)-catalysed oxidation of dibenzothiophene and
Dalton Transactions, 41(45) (2012) 13908-13918

45. R.A. Bulgakov, N.A. Kuznetsova, O.V. Dolotova, L.I. Solovieva, J. Mack,
W. Chidawanyika, O.L. Kaliya and T. Nyokong
Synthesis and photophysical properties of covalent conjugates of aqua platinum(II) and octacarboxy-substituted zinc phthalocyanine
Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, 16 (11) (2012) 1217-1224

46. M. Coates, T. Nyokong
Electrode modification using iron metallophthalocyanine through click
chemistry and axial ligation with pyridine
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 687 (2012) 111–116

47. N. Masilela, T. Nyokong
Synthesis and physicochemical behavior of new low symmetry Ge, Ti and Sn
phthalocyanines: Effect of central metal
Synthetic Metals 162 (2012) 1839–1845

48. O. Adegoke, T. Nyokong
A Comparative Study on the Sensitive Detection of Hydroxyl Radical Using Thiol-capped CdTe and CdTe/ZnS Quantum Dots
J FluorescenceDOI 10.1007/s10895-012-1089-2

49. A. Tuhl, H. Manaa, S. Makhseed, N. Al-Awadi, J. Mathew, H.M. Ibrahim, T. Nyokong,
H. Behbehani
Reverse saturation absorption spectra and optical limiting properties of chlorinated
tetrasubstituted phthalocyanines containing different metals
Optical Materials 34 (2012) 1869–1877

50. N. Rapulenyane, E. Antunes, N. Masilela, T. Nyokong
Synthesis and photophysicochemical properties of novel zinc phthalocyanines
mono substituted with carboxyl containing functional groups
J. Photochem. Photobiol. A: Chem. 250 (2012) 18-24

51. R.A Balgakov, N.A. Kuznetsova, O.V. Dolotova, E.N. Shevchenko,
A.D. Plyutinskaya, O.L. Kaliya, T. Nyokong
Covalent Conjugates of Ammine and Diamine Platinum(II) with Zinc(II) Octacarboxyphthalocyanine
Macroheterocycles 5(4-5) (2012) 350-357


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