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In recognition of the recent past events regarding Higher Education in relation to the funding crisis, we - as the students of Rhodes University - have taken the initiative of speaking directly unto the issues that plague the funding of higher education within this country.

We wish to establish a robust space in which we can engage critically and analytically with the socio-economic issues faced by all students. In particular, the intention is to be solution oriented in constructing sustainable mechanisms for means of funding Higher Education.

The principal objective of the National Student Colloquium is to speak unto the Heher Judical Commission that is due to present its findings in September to the presiding President,Jacob Zuma. It is our hope that we present the resolutions of this particular meeting before it presents to the President.

We would appreciate if you would assist us with financing and supporting of the program in order to ensure its success. We would appreciate your assistance in covering staff overtime and venue for hire.

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