What is it?

Curriculum Approval - as distinct from the administrative registration discussed above - is the process through which you choose your subjects for the year (this is subject to various constraints). It takes place on Friday 12th February, at the end of orientation week, after you have had a chance to find out about the various courses which are on offer (see the Daily Programme for details).

Our orientation programme offers a wide range of talks about what is on offer. Try to go to as many of these as you can before you finally decide which subjects to take. Keep an open mind, and talk to people about possibilities, so that you have a clear idea of what you want to study by Friday, and can present these choices for approval. When your curriculum is formally “approved”, you will first consult with a senior member of your Faculty (e.g. the Dean of Humanities, Science, Commerce) after which the particular subjects (e.g. English 1 or Economics 1) which will form the first-year curriculum of your chosen degree (e.g. a BA, BSc, BCom, etc.) will be recorded on the University’s system, and form an official record of your curriculum for the year.

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