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How to use the Orientation Guide

  • There is an alphabetical index at the front of this booklet.
  • Read the first few sections (pages 1 - 16) carefully. They concern your course selection, a brief description of each academic Faculty, and an introduction to the library. You will need to include these aspects in your plans for the week, so that you are ready for formal Curriculum Approval on Friday.
  • Read through the Detailed Daily Timetable for new students (pages20 -29), and plan your personal programme for each day.
  • This programme will include attending subject-specific lectures and an alphabetical description of each subject is provided (page 24 - 50).
  • When you have time, read through the Additional Academic Information section.
  • There is an SRC Helpdesk in Eden Grove, and students there are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • If you are still in doubt about anything, ask a student guide, staff member, Hall or House Warden, Sub-Warden or a member of your House Committee.

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