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SA academics receive local and international recognition for book on the current state of affairs in SA’s tertiary sector

Date Released: Mon, 13 March 2017 11:03 +0200

Rhodes University academics Sally Matthews and Pedro Tabensky have been shortlisted for an NIHHS award in the Category: Best Non-Fiction edited book for their book Being at Home.

Being at Home creates a dialogue about some of the most pressing issues higher education institutions in South Africa are currently facing – race, transformation and institutional culture. While there are many reasons to be despondent about the current state of affairs in the South African tertiary sector, this collection is intended as an invitation for the reader to see these problems as opportunities for rethinking the very idea of what it is to be a university in contemporary South Africa. It is also, more generally, an invitation for us to think about what it is that the intellectual project should ultimately be about, and to question certain prevalent trends that affect – or, perhaps, infect – the current global academic system. Being at Home will be of interest to all those who are concerned about the state of the contemporary university, both in South Africa and beyond.

This same book also received recognition in the United States; Choice magazine selected it as an “Outstanding Academic Title”. The magazine lists the books that are OATs (Outstanding Academic Titles) in their January edition of CHOICE Magazine. This year Choice selected 494 out of the 5 400 titles they reviewed in 2016.

Book details

 Being at Home: Race, Institutional Culture and Transformation at South African Higher Education Institutions edited by Sally Matthews, Pedro Tabensky

Source: http://bookslive.co.za/blog/2017/03/09/sa-academics-receive-local-and-international-recognition-for-book-on-the-current-state-of-affairs-in-sas-tertiary-sector/

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