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Ward E. Jones

Associate Professor in Philosophy and Editor of Philosophical Papers

Areas of Research: Epistemology, the nature of believing, metaphilosophy, moral psychology, aesthetics of narratives.

Recent Teaching Areas: Descartes, Hume, ethics, death, the a priori, film, colour.


WEJ CV (pdf)


Papers & Chapters

- 'Rape, Its Harm, and Philosophy' [unpublished and unfinished]  [Rape and Its Harm: Reviving the Therapeutic Approach to Philosophy]

- 'Academia, Philosophy, and Apparent Understanding' [Link] and 'Standing Up for the Academic' [Link] [Paul Reynolds & Alyce von Rothkirch eds. Intellectuals: Knowledge, Power, Ideas (Inter-Disciplinary Press, forthcoming)]

- '‘Higher Education, Academic Communities, and Intellectual Virtues’ [Educational Theory, 2012]

- 'The Art of Dying' [Philosophical Papers 2012] [The Art of Dying]

- 'A Lover's Shame' [Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2012] [A Lovers Shame]

- 'Elizabeth Costello and the Biography of the Moral Philosopher' [Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 2011] [Link]

- 'Philosophy and the Ethical Significance of Spectatorship: An Introduction to Ethics at the Cinema' [Ward E. Jones & Samantha Vice eds. Ethics at the Cinema (OUP, 2011)] [Link] Book Cover

- 'Transgressive Comedy and Partiality' [Ward E. Jones & Samantha Vice eds. Ethics at the Cinema (OUP, 2011)] [Link]

- 'Being Moved by a Way the World is Not' [Synthese, 2011] [Link]

- 'Philosophers and the Poor' [Theoria, 2010] [Link]

- 'Theory of Comedy and The King of Comedy' [The Philosopher's Magazine, 2009] [Link]

- 'Letter from South Africa' - with Pedro Tabensky [The Philosopher's Magazine, 2009] [Link]

- 'The Goods and Motivation of Believing' [in Haddock, Millar, and Pritchard eds. Epistemic Value (OUP, 2009)] [Link]

- 'Explanation and Condemnation' [in Pedro Alexis Tabensky ed. Judging and Understanding (Ashgate, 2006)] [Link]

- 'Philosophers, their Context, and their Responsibilities' [Metaphilosophy, 2006] [Link]

- 'The Function and Content of Amusement' [South African Journal of Philosophy, 2006] [Link]

- 'Rumor, Reproach, and the Norms of Testimony' [Public Affairs Quarterly, 2005] [Link]

- 'Pragmatic Believing and Its Explanation' [Critica, 2004] [Link]

- 'Is Scientific Theory-Commitment Epistemic or Practical?' [Synthese, 2003] [Link]

- 'Explaining Our Own Beliefs: Nonepistemic Believing and Doxastic Instability [Philosophical Studies, 2002] [Link]

- 'Dissident Versus Loyalist: Which Scientists Should We Trust?' [Journal of Value Inquiry, 2002] [Link]

- 'Belonging to the Ultra-Faithful: A Response to Eze' [Philosophical Papers, Special Issue 'African Philosophy and the Analytic Tradition', 2001] [Link]

- 'Can We Infer Naturalism from Scepticism?' [Philosophical Quarterly, 2000] [Link]

- 'Self-Deception, Religious Conversion, and Pascal's Wager' [Journal of the History of Philosophy, 1998] [Link]

- 'Why Do We Value Knowledge?' [American Philosophical Quarterly, 1997] [Link]

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