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Philosophy 201 (2021)

Philosophy 201 (PHI201) is a second-year, first semester course aimed at deepening the examination of historical and contemporary debates in metaphysics, epistemology and ethics started in PHI101 and PHI102. It might include specialised topics in Philosophy of Mind, or Religion, or Moral Philosophy or Ancient Philosophy.
Entrance Requirements: any of the following configurations — PHI 101 AND PHI 102; PHI 101 (OR PHI 102) AND BOM 101 (OR BOM 102); a 70% pass in BOM 101 AND BOM 102.
The course bears 15 credits at NQF Level 6.
DP requirements: at least 35% for course work.
Assessment: Coursework 60%; June exam 40%.
Supplementary exam: June result 45 – 49%
Sub-minimum of 45% for aggregation.


Term 1 and Term 2: Persons, Morality, and Social Justice (Ward Jones)

This is a 'nuts and bolts' semester-long course covering the basics of morality and oppression. In the first term, we will be working with readings, both classic and modern, on the nature of persons, ethics (that is, How should I live?), and morality (that is, How should I treat others and how should society be organized?). In the second term, we will be working with readings on social injustice, looking primarily at race and gender, but also at economic oppression and consciousness-raising.


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