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Philosophy 202

Second-year, second semester course (30 credits at NQF level 6).
Entrance Requirements: any of the following configurations — PHI 201; PHI 101 AND PHI 102; PHI 101 (OR PHI 102) AND BOM 101 (OR BOM 102); a 70% pass in BOM 101 AND BOM 102.
Course description: The course continues the examination of historical and contemporary debates in metaphysics, epistemology and ethics of PHI 201.

Assessment: Coursework 40%; June exam 60%.

Supplementary exam: November result 45 – 49%

No aggregation.


Term 3: Political Philosophy (Uchenna Okeja)
(Specific content still to be announced)


Term 4: Epistemological problems (Tess Dewhurst)


If you’ve ever seen the Matrix, you’ve been confronted with the logical possibility that everything you think you know is, in fact, false.  But nevertheless you still think you know things, like who the president of our country is, which is the highest mountain in the world, and what you had for breakfast. This poses a problem. When we know something, we can’t be wrong about it.  So what is this thing called knowledge? How is it different to mere belief? What does it take for us to be justified in holding on to our beliefs? In this course we will look at some of the major problems epistemologists tackle, such as scepticism, the problem of epistemic luck, and why we value knowledge at all.

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