The Physics Premises

The Department of Physics and Electronics is housed in a three storey building in Artillery Road, close to the centre of the academic section of the campus. Students have access to the building and its facilities between 7:30 am and 17:00 pm on weekdays only.

The building consists of an old wing and a new wing. The old wing was built as part of the original Rhodes University College. The new wing, completed in 1963, is attached to the original building by means of a link containing a stairwell and service lift.

The new wing contains the staff studies, the honours study-come-laboratory, a computer laboratory for senior students, and research laboratories. The Electronic Services Unit of the Information Technology Division resides in the ground floor of the building, together with the Departments mechanical workshop.

The old wing houses two well-equipped lecture theatres, three undergraduate laboratories (including a special purpose electronics laboratory), seminar and tutorial rooms, and the departmental resources centre. Two large computer laboratories for general student use are on the ground floor of the old wing.

Physics Department Resources Centre (Formerly the Book and Journal Libraries)

The departmental resources centre is housed within the Physics and Electronics building. The resources centre holds books and relevant materials for the teaching of physics. The book holdings cover all aspects of physics and electronics, and related topics.

The Resources Centre is only accessible to Physics staff as well as students from second year and upwards.

The library is administered by the Departmental Administrative Assistant (Mrs Michelle Pieterse, Room 33).

The holdings of the book library are included in the catalogue of the main campus library, which may be scanned using their OPAC system.

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