The main areas of R&D are in the design of instrumentation and control systems to support our other research areas.
Recent projects include:

  • Digital Pulsar Timer
    This project was undertaken in conjunction with HartRAO as part of a MSc / PhD. The aim was to design a digital, micro-processor / FPGA-based timer to replace the current systems at the HartRAO Observatory.
  • A LAN based control system
    This aim of this project was to develop a microcontroller based control system, operating over an TCP/IP network with an Ethernet interface.
  • Replacement Temperature Controller
    Outdated equipment was upgraded to make use of a hybrid analogue-digital control system, enabling easier data acquisition in our luminescence research.
  • Modular Pulsar Timer
    The aim of this project was to design and implement a modular replacement of the aging pulsar timer. It was required to interface with the control systems of the old timer with no changes allowed to the control systems. The sample rate of the timer had to be such that milli-second Pulsars were detectable.

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