Prof. Joey Medved

Prof A J M Medved
Associate Professor
BSc, MSc, PhD (Manitoba)

Office:  Room 41, Physics Building
Tel.: +27 (46) 603 7376
Fax: +27 (46) 603 8757

Prof. Medved lectures the following undergraduate courses:
101: Subject of Rotational Motion
102: Subject of Electrostatics
202: Module on Electrostatics
301: Module on Electromagnetism & Module on Quantum Mechanics
Honours: Quantum Theory, General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory

2nd year course coordinator


Research interests: Quantum Gravity (Semi-Classical Aspects)

Prof. Medved, is a theoretical physicist working in the areas of gravitation and quantum field theory.  His research has spanned various topics in black hole thermodynamics, the holographic paradigm, the string-theory based AdS/CFT correspondence (and generalizations thereof) and holographic-inspired cosmologies.  Dr. Medved has most recently been actively collaborating with Prof. Ram Brustein (of Ben-Gurion University, Israel) on various investigations, including the hydrodynamic properties of strongly coupled fluids (via the AdS/CFT duality), higher-derivative gravity theories and consequences of quantum-fluctuating geometries.

Prof. Medved summarizes his research outlook as follows:  

“My main focus is on the synthesis of the two great pillars of modern physics --- gravity and quantum field theory --- but not in a formal way as, say, a ‘proper’ string theorist might aspire.  Rather, I focus my attention on semiclassical aspects of quantum gravity and, for the most part, from a model-independent perspective.  For instance, I might ask how causality and probability conservation (the bare minimal requirements of any candidate fundamental theory) impact upon, say, the evaporation rate of black holes.  My doctoral thesis was on quantum-corrected black hole thermodynamics and serves as proof that I can carry out long arduous calculations whenever so required.  For now, though, I prefer a more philosophical approach to physics with emphasis on the underlying principles and conceptual logistics. ''

Student supervision:

Prof. Medved welcomes prospective MSc and PhD students interested in research in Quantum Field Theory.

Prof. Medved also supervises Honour's students interested in theoretical physics; particularly, those with a desire for  ''pen and paper calculations''.


Link to Prof. Medved's publication list at Spires:

Other Links

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Other activities
Twice yearly, Prof. Medved  provides a workshop on writing skills as applicable to academic literature in the natural sciences. One session is provided to all Physics Honours and Graduate students and a second session is  for any interested academics at Rhodes University.  He also provides a special set of
lectures on String Theory (at a very introductory level) when there is sufficient interest and actively reviews for many international journals.

Recent Awards
Research rating C2 - National Research Foundation, South Africa
Merit Award for Research, Rhodes University, 2012

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