Dr. Siphokazi Magadla (Head of Deparment)

Email: S.Magadla@ru.ac.za    
BA Hons (RU), MA (OHIO), PhD (RU)

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Dr Siphokazi Magadla is from Ludaka in Ngqeleni. She joined the department in 2011 as a lecturer and now senior lecturer. She holds a doctorate in Political and International Studies from Rhodes University (2017). Her PhD examined women’s role in the armed struggle and their participation in the state assisted demobilisation and integration into civilian life in post-apartheid South Africa.  She was awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Masters Degree in International Affairs from Ohio University, USA (2008 – 2010). She worked previously as a research consultant for the Security Sector Governance programme of the Institute for Security Studies, focusing on the role of women in peace and security. She was a fellow of the Social Science Research Council's Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Fellowship Program (2013-2014), which she currently serves as a mentor since 2017. She is the former co-chairperson of the Rhodes University Women’s Academic Solidarity Association (WASA). She is the Book Review Editor of the Journal of Contemporary African Studies (JCAS). In 2018, she served in the Presidential High-Level Review Panel of the State Security Agency. She was awarded the Rhodes University Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award in 2018. She is the recipient of the Rhodes University Andrew Mellon Inclusive Professoriate grant (2018 – 2021).





  • War and militarism in Africa
  • The armed struggle in South Africa
  • Ex-combatant demobilisation, disarmament, and reintegration processes in Africa
  • African feminisms, gender, and citizenship
  • South African foreign policy




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Book Reviews

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